Episode #31 - Love Actually


We’re deep into December now, and when you’re deep into December you have to ask yourself the question: what is love, actually? We answer this question in detail in this episode, whilst also celebrating Rob’s new kitten, Paddy’s house move and the good times we had playing Zoo Tycoon back in the day.

Episode #30 - A Christmas Prince


Jingle bells, Batman smells, Rob Gordon laid an egg! We’re watching Christmas films all through December, and we’re kicking off our festive frolics with our review of the brand new Netflix original film, A Christmas Prince. We also have an update on candidates for Trash Island, and dedicate a fair amount of time to discussing the magic of Don Bluth.


Pacific Northwest Stories

Vera said that?

Titan AE

Mario Bros Movie


If this is torture, chain me to the wall

Thank God for Girls


Episode #29 - Friends With Benefits


Recorded on International Men’s Day and released on Black Friday, it’s a podcast for big days this week, as we reflect on the post-Brexit drinks landscape, imagine playing Mario Kart with Tom Waits, and up our political content. Oh, and we also talk about a romantic film. This week: Friends With Benefits!


Dandelion & Burdock


Bone Tomahawk

Charlie Brooker - Brit Awards

The Social Network - Rowing Scene

Rollins & Cave Babysitting

Episode #28 - How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days


On our most tangential episode yet, fueled by pizza, we discuss the 2003 classic romantic comedy How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Matthew McConaughey’s handsomeness is debated, Papa John’s is dismissed as the worst pizza, and we come up with a new TV show pilot, Trash Island. Also contains spoilers for Stranger Things 2 (spoiler: Paddy cried).


Cards Against Humanity - Potatoes

The Apprentice - Gin

Papa John's Alt-Right

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Book)

Turns out Jamie Vardy did not kill a dog

Episode #27 - Breakfast at Tiffany's


It’s our second sixties outing in this week’s episode, as we discuss the so-called classic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s! We also diss Ernest Hemingway, talking about writing and the writing process, and continue to be unable to get over having watched the entire Twilight saga two episodes ago.


Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Sugarcult - Bouncing off the Walls



The Pillows - Fool on the Planet

Winners of the Patsy Award


8bit Twilight Game

Episode #25 - The Twilight Saga


Our month of romantic horror draws to a close with our biggest podcast challenge yet: the entire Twilight Saga. Can Rob and Paddy make it through over ten hours of sad wolves, mumbly dialogue, vampires that randomly gain superpowers when it suits the plot, and creepy wolf-baby relationships? Listen in and you’ll find out.


Finn Wolfhard sacks his agent

Vampires Suck

Adam and Joe on Twilight

Raw (horror film) Trailer

Eddie Murphy - Raw

Episode #23 - Crimson Peak


Our month of spooky romance continues with our second romance-horror film, Crimson Peak. We discuss gothicness, ghosts, how Paddy is a Cumberbatch Denier, and Robert Redford's new outing in the film Our Souls at Night (be sure to read that title back to yourself with a British accent). Sadly some kind of spooky ghost got into Rob's mic halfway through the recording, so there's a crackly, atmospheric noise on some of the recording. An exorcism will be performed before next week's show. #MOONPUTIN

Marathon Man

Our Souls at Night

The British Dream

Putin on the Ritz

Episode #21 - Les Misérables


Do you hear the podcast sing? It's our first discussion of a proper musical this week, as we watched the film adaptation of Les Misérables. We focus mostly on Russell Crowe's powerful bellowing, but also have time to discuss rapper BoB's efforts to discover if the Earth is flat (duh, obviously it is), and plan for our own stage show Vinnie Jones: The Musical (coming to the West End in 2019).


Bojack Horseman - Vincent Adultman

WTF with Marc Maron - Anne Hathaway

Sir Digby Chicken Caesar

BoB's GoFundMe for Flat Earth Research

Shia as John McEnroe

Ali G interviews Donald Trump

Episode #17 - Elizabethtown


In this week's episode we discuss the film that inspired the creation of the controversial term 'Manic Pixie Dream Girl,' Cameron Crowe's Elizabethtown. Can Rob put aside his nostalgia for the first time he saw it? Can Paddy get past his dislike of Orlando Bloom's wooden and insincere face? Is the whole film just a ruse to fulfil Crowe's desire for a scene in which a band plays Freebird while a cardboard bird is on fire? All will be revealed within! We also discuss the new Great British Bake Off, and Donald Trump's skin.


Monkey Dust

Paul Hollywood

Waste of Skin

My Morning Jacket

Sitting on the Toilet

R.A. Dickey