Episode #92 - Moonstruck


What happens when a full moon rises over New York in 1987? Cher wins an Oscar for Best Actress, of course! On this episode we discuss the underrated romantic comedy Moonstruck, starring Cher, Nicolas Cage and podcast favourite Olympia Dukakis. We also have an update on our people’s vote (aside: Prince won, Rob was wrong), talk about Opera a lot, and Paddy ruins Britain.


The Room - Do You Understand Life?

Apple Pippin

Bootleg Stuff

CKY - Skeletor vs Beastman

Episode #87 - Dumplin'


Happy New Year! 2019 is off to a flying start for us with a discussion of the very enjoyable Netflix original film Dumplin’. This leads us into a discussion of Dolly Parton, pageants, body types in sports, and which is the best dumpling. We also discuss Mary Poppins Returns, vegan sausage rolls, and ask the all-important question: if you’re doing Veganuary and an insect falls into your mouth, have you failed?


Flat Earth: A Measured Response

Charles Burns - Black Hole


Episode #86 - Pottersville


It’s the last episode of the year and the close of the festive season, so what better way to finish the year than with a discussion of a shitpiece? This episode is all about the truly bizarre film Pottersville. We also talk self-driving cars, romancing Bigfoot, meeting Stephen King, and nu-metal band names.


Pan Men



R. Gordon - Crutches